viernes, 23 de febrero de 2018

China's Web Junkies: Internet Addiction Documentary | Op-Docs

Communication and Media refer to how people interact, transmit and gather data for the purposes of information and entertainment. Some aspects closely related to communication and media are:
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  • advertising
  • bias in media
  • censorship                               
  • internet
  • mail
  • press
  • radio and television
  • sensationalism in media
  • telephone


1.- When was Internet addiction declared a clinical disorder in China?
2.- How many hours of Internet a day, as a leisure activity, will make a person addicted?
3.- What is a common reason for a child to become addicted?
4.- Why do you think the last person interviewed states that his child became cruel?

Discussion – 

a) What is wrong with spending a long time online? 
b) Is being online better than being with people? 
c) How might Internet addicts have problems with day-to-day life? 
d) What are the signs of being addicted to the Internet? 
e) How long will people spend online in the future? 
f) How dangerous is Internet addiction for children? 
g) How might the Internet help people with depression? 

h) How important is the Internet to you? 
i) What would life be like without the Internet? 
j) Are you addicted to the Internet? 
k) How can we help people with an Internet addiction? 
l) Are you addicted if you check social media while on the toilet? 
m) Are people who browse the Internet while walking addicted? 
n) Who is the most Internet-crazy person you know? 


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