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Health refers to the physical, mental and social well-being, as well as matters related to illnesses. Some aspects related to this are:

  • concepts of beauty and health
  • diet and nutrition
  • drug abuse
  • epidemics
  • health services
  • hygiene
  • illnesses, symptoms of good/ill health
  • mental health
  • physical exercise
  • surgery
  • traditional and alternative medicine


Key Questions for this unit of study

·         What is your definition of a "drug"?
·         Is drug abuse limited to being addicted to narcotics?
·         How is our attitude towards drugs shaped by our cultural heritage and traditions, laws, personal experience or beliefs?
·         Why are some drugs illegal, others legal? Why does this differ between countries?
·         Why do people take drugs? What emotional, physiological, social or cultural reasons are there?
·         Are all drugs detrimental to your physical and mental health?
·         Should governments play a more assertive role in reducing drug abuse? How?
·         How can schools help raise awareness of the dangers of drug abuse?

You will read a selection of texts over the course of this unit; this will include doing comprehension exercises to check and improve your understanding. You will also focus on the vocabulary in each text.

Read & exercise finished ü
Teen Binge Drinking (an online advice page)

Preventing Substance Abuse (a proposal)

Drug Addiction Intervention (webpage)

Who takes drugs? Poll finds a generation happy to chance it
(newspaper article)

Pharmageddon: how the US got hooked on prescription drugs (newspaper article)


Here are the different types of texts you will focus on in this unit:

Type of text / assignment
completed ü
Write a blog or diary entry (400 words); chose either option a) or b)
a) You are the parent of a college freshman who has got involved in binge drinking; write about your personal thoughts and feelings in a diary or online blog      OR
b) You are a college freshman who has got involved in binge drinking; write about your personal thoughts and feelings in a diary or online blog.

Official Report (400 words)
You will write an official report (following the guidelines provided on the next page) about one specific type of drug/drug abuse.

Introduction to a school debate (400 words)
Imagine you have been asked to give an introduction to a school debate on “Drug abuse and how to prevent it in high school”. Your introduction should explain why this is an important issue and which drugs can impact the lives of high school students;  you can outline some typical, contrasting views on the topic of drug abuse, but without stating your own opinion.

Personal response

A) "The central problem underlying substance abuse is the intolerance that the abuse has for emotional pain or disappointment."
B) "Ignorance is still a major factor in drug abuse and so the government must continue to enlighten the youth on the evils of drug addiction and trafficking."

150-250 words

Requirements for your Official Report

You will be assigned one of the following sub-topics:

a) tobacco & smoking; b) marijuana; c) ecstasy;
d) cocaine; e) prescription drugs; f) magic mushrooms

Your report should look like an official document that politicians, health administrators, family advisers and educators could use to inform themselves about one particular drug. The emphasis should be on providing brief, unbiased and scientific information and research (not giving advice, lengthy descriptions or personal opinions). Sentences should be short, specific jargon should be used where appropriate, bullet points are acceptable.

Here is how you should organize your report:
Title / author of report / date
1.       Name of drug
2.       Slang/street names of drug (if applicable)
3.       Origins of drug, how produced
4.       Ways of purchasing the drug
5.       Comparative cost of drug
6.       Ways of consuming the drug
7.       Typical age of users (if applicable)
8.       Positive immediate effects for user
9.       Negative immediate effects for user
10.   Positive long-term effects for user (if applicable)
11.   Negative long-term effects for user
12.   Negative impact on society or global community (e.g. through trade or production)
13.   Status: illegal or legal (in a select number of countries)
14.   Current methods for limiting the consumption (in a select number of countries)
15.   Bibliography of your sources (at least three different online sources)

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