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Written assignment (20%)

Ø  Part A: Rationale (150-250 words) Use this part to introduce your answer and explain how you intend to achieve your aims. You must include the following:

• briefly introduce your literary work

• identify your subject

• state your aims

• explain how you intend to achieve these aims through your selection of details, choice of audience, texttype, register and style.

Ø  Part B: Task 500-600 words. Using your own words, you write a creative response to the subject of the novel that interests you. Note that you must make clear and effective connections with details from the text. It is suggested that you focus on an important moment or experience in the novel in your creative response. Also, choose a narrator from whose perspective you will write your text. Remember that you must not invent details, but rather use details from the text creatively.

Text Type: Use a suitable text type from your HL text list to write a creative response. You must not write an essay.

Criteria Description

·        Rationale and Task

1. You have explained the link between your subject and the novel and stated your aims.

2. You have explained how you intend to achieve your aims.

 3. Your response is creative and the chosen text type is appropriate to your audience and aims.

·         Organization/Development

 Ideas are organized and developed effectively

·        Language
1. A good range of vocabulary is used accurately and appropriately.

2. Complex sentences are clear and effective.

3. Rhetorical  devices are varied and effective.

If you still find it difficult to write the rationale for your Written Assignment, you can use the following structure:

Paragraph 1: what were you trying to do (tone, purpose, audience to reach)?

Paragraph 2: How did you try to do that? Give examples from your piece.

Paragraph 3: How did you connect to your topic option?

In my _________ (YOUR TEXT TYPE) I tried to use ________________ (TYPE OF 
LANGUAGE YOU USED, for example: formal, informal, technical language, 
a 1st person/ 3rd person perspective, adult humour, verbal irony, childish language, etc) with phrases like "___________________" and "_______________".
I tried as well to use a _______________ level of vocabulary (for example: sophisticated, technical, specific, simple, easy-to-understand) with word choices like "____________" and "____________" . Using these elements I feel I reached my purpose of _______________ (examples of purpose: making readers reflect upon the importance of tradition for society; informing readers about the pros and cons of spending too much money in New Year's Eve, etc)

This task addresses the topic option of SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS and specially addresses the
topic of CELEBRATIONS, SOCIAL AND RELIGIOUS EVENTS. I chose a (YOUR TEXT-TYPE)  to do this because I felt that in this way I could ______________________________ (REASONS 
WHY YOU CHOSE THIS TEXT TYPE, for example: because I could best express what I learned from the topics we studied in this unit and how I feel about them)


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