viernes, 20 de enero de 2017

IOA ( Interactive Oral Activity) : 10% of your final mark

  •       At least three IOAs based on the “ core” topics.
  •    One of them based on a listening activity ( song, film, speech…)
  •    Your teacher may provide the stimulus or alternatively, you may be asked to prepare your          own IOA.

Resultado de imagen de images oral activities     

  •     Choose a topic
  •   Write a list of key points that show your knowledge            and understanding of the topic you have     chosen.
  •   Choose a format: Interview, Debate, Role-play activity,      a Chat/ Talk show…
  •      Include key phrases and topic specific terms.
  •      Write a proposal for the teacher in which you mention:

  • ü  What coursework you will refer to.
    ü  What format your activity will take
    ü  What you want to achieve in the activity
    ü  What will happen during the activity- a brief description.
  •     Write an outline for your IOA

     Advice for an effective presentation:

  •             Focus on the message delivering it in a simple and interesting way.
  •       Focus on the time.
  •             Maintain eye contact with your audience.
  •       Give examples, justify points of view, and try to link your topic to your daily life and experience.
  •       Address your audience directly and involve them.
  •       When working as a team decide on who says what.
  •       Leave your audience with something to discuss or think about.

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