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Paper Two – Section B – The Personal Response

150-250 words

You can choose any text type that you have studied.

You are asked to write a reasoned argument in which you respond to a written stimulus using any text type of your choice.
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The response must be:


You must form a clear idea of how you wish to respond – PLAN

You must support your ideas with EVIDENCE

Three different approaches for tackling personal response

1.  The one-sided approach

  • Either support or attack the main idea in the stimulus text.
  • Give reasons for each point you make
  • Do not include the other side of the argument
  • Write a strong conclusion about what should be done

2.  The balanced by undecided approach

  • There is no single answer to a problem. 
  • Give both sides of the argument
  • State that both sides have equally valid arguments
  • Alternatively, show how both sides have weak arguments.
  • Give reasons for supporting or criticizing each point of view
  • Conclude by saying that the different sides should recognize that each has valid points and they need further discussion.

3.  The analytical approach

  • Evaluate the argument/s in the stimulus text. 
  • Put your argument/s in order of strength.
  • You can start with the weakest and finish with the strongest or the other way round.
  • Explain why some points in your analysis are stronger than others
  • Which arguments are better supported by examples

  • Conclude by stating which ideas you would support and which you would not.

Change is unstoppable. In the past 30 years, information technology has exploded. People have stopped buying books and started buying e-readers. People do not go to stores anymore. They shop online. We tweet, blog and email instead of talking face-to-face. While this makes many people angry, we should learn to accept change and be a part of the IT revolution.
There are complaints that there is no work for young people today. But the IT sector needs more engineers and specialists. I think that we should teach computer programming and engineering at high school. There should be re-schooling programmes for shop owners who want to sell online. There could be more attention on computers in schools and e-learning. If we give people the right education, then they are prepared for the changes that are coming and already here even.

Today it is not enough to know a trade like welding or dentistry. You also have to be online and communicate effectively. Many people today are confused by technology. Not just older people, but also younger people. If we are no longer afraid of it, then we can master it, and use it as a tool to be more successful.

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  1. Nice example. The stimulus is missing. Would it be: The changes in technology have affecting humans lives in the recent 30 years.?

    1. This is an example included in `the book English B for the IB Diploma, Cambridge. The stimulus says:
      Former US president John F. Kennedy once said, " Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." What kinds of changes should people make these days to prepare for the future?