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Resultado de imagen de advertising english b

Task.- Choose an advertisement. Discuss what techniques have been used in the advert and comment on its effectiveness.
   ·         Think of five adjectives that describe the ad.
·         Are there people depicted in the ad? What gender is represented? What race? What do the people look like (young, old, stylish, etc.)? What are their facial expressions?
·         Take note of the lighting used in the ad. Does it appear to be natural or artificial?
·         What colours are used? Are they bright? Black and white?
» Remember that the purpose of an ad is always to sell a product!

·         What product is being sold?
·         Do you find the product appealing? Why or why not?
·         Who is the target audience for this product? Children? Teens? Adults? The elderly?
·         What feelings or emotions is the ad trying to associate with the product? Did it work?
» Assumptions may not be contained directly in the ads themselves, but in the messages that
   are produced from them.

  • ·         What assumptions does the ad make about gender?
  • ·         Are these assumptions realistic? Why or why not? Do these assumptions reinforce or

            challenge stereotypes about gender identity?
  • ·         What assumptions does the ad make about race ? Are these assumptions realistic?

             Why or why not? Do these assumptions reinforce or challenge stereotypes about
             racial identity?
  • ·         What assumptions does the ad make about class ? Are these  assumptions realistic? Why or why not? Do these assumptions reinforce or challenge stereotypes about class?
  • ·         What are some possible consequences? (long-term and short-term)
  • ·         Do the messages create unrealistic expectations for people? Why or why not?
  • ·         How do the messages in this ad counter or undermine social change?
  • ·         Is this ad socially responsible? How or how not? What does it mean for an ad or a company to be socially responsible?


Paper 2  Section B

" Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don´t have for something they
don´t need" , Will Rogers


It is undeniable that in today’s society, the role of advertising is really important in the tertiary sector. Basically, advertising is what appeals people to spend part of their salaries buying food, paying their rents or buying basic pieces of clothing. Those are basic items that everybody needs, but beyond that, people also spend a great amount of their income on non-basic goods, and that is due to the appealing but also not always true advertising campaigns.

On one side, advertising is not a bad thing. Actually, i tmakes us see the product we are interested in buying, from a more appealing perspective, and also, with the amount of ads we are used to see everyday, on television, magazines, on the Internet… It helps us when it is time to decide which product or service we should spend our money on.

But, on the contrary, advertising is not always helpful. Indeed, most of the time, advertising campaigns are not completely honest. Sometimes, the companies will try to sell a product with a really good and engaging campaign, but at the end of the day, we have spent our money in a useless or overrated product. And also, nowadays, the amount of campaigns for a similar product is so overwhelming that we end up confused and we do not know which or what is better.

I sincerely consider the quotation given as a stimulus right, but I do also find advertising a helpful tool both for consumers and offer or companies.

  • EXAMPLE B   

Nowadays, watching TV programmes includes putting up with millions of advertisements of any kind of products, from food to high end make-up. None of them are realistic at all, but because of some factor we aren’t able to tell, they persuade us and achieve their objective, which is us buying their product.
Publicists play with our wishes, dreams and expectations, recreating in their ads what we desire. They connect the scent of perfumes with seduction and romance or luxurious cars with having girls around.

Most of the time, fast-food companies as McDonald's or Burger King, show a cheerful family or group of friends on them. This suggests that going to these places means having great friends, a happy family and having a good time, but actually, having some nuggets is not going to give you happiness or friends.

Another obvious example are perfume advertisements. They usually show women and men kissing or seducing each other, women captivating men... These kind of ads, instead of telling us the “ingredients” of the perfume, as it would be logical, they penetrate our mind with those images, making us think that just by smelling great, you can achieve your goals in life (to be accepted, successful in life, at work, being elegant (for example: Chanel Nº5), to be strong (Paco Rabanne’sInvictus).

Therefore, personally I think that the advertisement’s objective is no longer giving real information, but recreating situations that we would like to experience, and the best at persuading is the one who wins.  

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